Is Restoration Worth the Investment?

In our last post, we touched on the topic of roof replacement, especially if it’s worth the investment. Well, this time around it is somewhat a similar topic. Instead of replacing the roof, restoration can also be done on it. By definition, well according to an online dictionary, restoration “is the act of restoring, renewal, revival or reestablishment… With regards to the roofing industry. It includes things like repaint and enhancement of the roof’s overall looks. Without going into the highly technical terms, it can sometimes be more involved thank you think. Ask the experts and we’d sure they agree. Everyone might define it slightly different. But many would agree that it includes at least the process of cleaning, recoating and repairing a roof, both residential and/or commercial.

roofing coatings

Let’s go back to what we’re trying to address in this post… that is, is roof restoration worth the investment as oppose to other type of work such as roof replacement. When the two is compared side by side, price-wise it is normally little in difference. Similarly like comparing a near new car and a brand new car, right?

So which one should you choose when deciding? Obviously, opinions will vary depending on the individual. But we personally think that it has a lot to do with your styling preference that fits your budget. Wat do we mean by this? Quite simple really…  one thing that roof restoration has an advantage over the other is the fact you can keep the style of roofing you had originally. As some people might say, non-destructive as oppose to totally changing the materials (not just look) when it comes to re-roofing. The reverse applies when you choose to totally replace rather than rejuvenating it, when you prefer let say having a metal roofing instead of the more traditional tiling type.

Which way you look at it, both types of services may or may not suit the house owner. It really depends on what it is you want. If you are confused, we completely understand, ask an expert such as the guys at for advice and good luck!

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